• Reform the BBC: Bloated, wasteful and obligatory. The licence fee needs abolishing. People should be free to choose.
  • Reform the unelected, crony-filled House of Lords: The Prime Minister enriching his brother, mates and personal donors by making them peers is indefensible. A properly representative second House is needed.
  • Reform the Civil Service: Better leadership, more accountability, and greater welcome of successful people from the private sector to come in and serve the nation.
  • Reform our border controls and immigration: We need proper border security at airports and ports so we know who is entering and leaving the UK. Illegal immigration is unacceptable and should not be granted asylum in the UK. We welcome controlled immigration of talent and skills to meet our economic needs. This must not be an excuse however for cheaper labour and not training our own young people.
  • Reform the voting system: To make it more representative. Smaller parties mean more choice, new ideas, and better debate.
  • Reform the postal voting system: We must combat fraud and abuse to ensure trust in our democracy. We have seen real problems first-hand in recent elections and this problem is far bigger than many realise.
  • Reform our military covenant: Let’s properly protect our troops and veterans from unwarranted, never-ending legal claims. Let’s invest in properly equipping and housing our armed forces. Let’s invest in training our brave people for new jobs when they leave the services.