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The resignation of Owen Paterson means that there will have to be a by-election in North Shropshire, with Westminster now bogged down in yet another scandal.

As you now consider who to vote for in the upcoming by-election, I am proud to introduce Reform UK, setting out here what we stand for. How we recover from Covid is vital to the success of the UK. We must reform the way our country is run and managed so it works properly for the people. In many areas, just the application of basic common sense would be a good start.

The nation faces many challenges and this is an opportunity for you to send a clear message to the Government that you are not happy with the direction they are taking. To succeed, we need lower taxes, zero waiting lists and cheaper energy. We also need our public servants to have the integrity and moral standards worthy of the high offices they hold.

Let’s reclaim our right to free speech, let’s stop the woke nonsense and let’s make great things happen! Let’s celebrate our pride in being British: our amazing culture, our unbreakable communities, our incredible heritage and our wonderful values.


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