Every day we see examples of wasteful, bad or unnecessary spending of our money by councils, public services or the Government. Across the country over the whole year, this adds up to real money.

  • Tens of billions of pounds of our money is wasted every year.
  • Reform UK knows that with better leadership, better buying, better decisions, this waste of our money can be cut right back, without affecting front line services.
  • This needs a reform of the civil service — with more accountability — for quality performance. It needs more successful private sector people coming into the civil service to use their skills to help get better value for the Government. Let’s make it part of our moral duty to society — to give something back.
  • It is time we tackle the growing mountain of daft, unproductive regulations that hinder small businesses and restrict growth. They are all part of the same problem — they lack common sense. They go hand-in-hand with the wasteful spending which also restricts our growth rate.
  • One of the worst areas of wasteful government spending is ineffective foreign aid. Our civil servants struggle to give away the billions of pounds each year, so they end up giving money to the EU and other global bodies to help spend it. We would reduce the foreign aid budget by 50%, down to a still generous 0.35% of GDP.