The NHS is possibly the most loved healthcare system in the world. Being free at the point of delivery is at its core and must always continue.

The frontline care is amazing, dedicated, and always appreciated. But we have to be honest that in the back office, it is neither the most efficient nor the best managed system in the world. 

Let’s be ambitious: we should aim for zero waiting lists. This is achievable with reform. Many other countries don’t have waiting lists, why should we put up with them? We have been brainwashed that they are the norm; they should not be, and we can achieve zero waiting lists. 

We must put the patient in charge by having a voucher scheme so they can be seen and treated promptly. Healthcare will always, of course, remain free at the point of delivery. 

If you cannot be seen by a GP in 3 days, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere.

If you cannot be seen by a consultant in 3 weeks, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere.

If you cannot have an operation in 9 weeks from Day 1, you get a voucher to go private elsewhere. 


This should mean zero waiting lists in around 18 months as private capacity increases rapidly. Retired medics will come back to work part-time in less bureaucratic healthcare settings. 

Overall efficiency will improve dramatically.

Surveys show that patients don’t mind who treats their condition, they just want to be treated quickly! For more information look at our detailed Health plan here.