We are all concerned about the environment and we all want cleaner air. Let’s celebrate our success so far, as the UK has led the way by reducing our emissions since 1990 by over 40%.

Technological improvements will enable us to reduce emissions further and capture emissions. However, we must be smart about which technologies to use. The Reform UK triple save plan will:

  • save emissions
  • save and create British jobs
  • save households money

We must maintain a range of types of energy supply, so we are not overexposed to any one particular supply; prices, technology, and relative performance will vary over time. We will boost the solar and wind renewable sector using a new government-owned Renewable Bank; the panels and turbines must be made here in the UK to save and create British jobs. This will also mean dramatically lower utility costs.

The Conservatives over the last decade have been negligent and turned the UK from being a net exporter of energy into a large net importer of energy. They have foolishly left us strategically exposed to overseas state actors. We must use our own shale gas under our feet which can be safely and cheaply extracted. Importing gas when we have plenty of our own gas is foolish. 

We must develop the latest nuclear small modular reactors where the UK has world-leading technology. 

Reform UK will nationalise 50% of our utilities to reduce consumer costs and stop overseas ownership of our critical national infrastructure. The other 50% will be owned by UK pension funds. This will enable a win-win situation, with consumers benefiting from lower energy prices, the taxpayer benefitting during good years and all benefiting from 50% private sector expertise brought by pension funds. 

The Government’s current plans will destroy British jobs — sending them overseas, especially to China — and lead to huge increases in domestic bills every year to pay to overseas-owned energy firms. This is both unacceptable and unnecessary.